St. Mary's Episcopal Church

PO Box 611

140 NE Horry Street

Madison, Florida 32341-0611


History of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Madison, FL

The congregation of St. Mary's Episcopal Church was organized in 1859, but the parish became dormant during the Civil War when services were held irregularly.  Twenty years later, on July 6, 1879, the congregation appointed a committee to coordinate fund raising to build a church.  The church's cornerstone was laid on August 1, 1879; the completed church was consecrated by the second bishop of the Diocese of Florida, John Freeman Young, on May 1, 1883.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church is a good example of the Carpenter Gothic architectural style and is one of the oldest such churches in Florida.  Carpenter Gothic architecture is an adaptation of the Gothic Revival style, which was popularized in the United Stated by architect Richard Upjohn.  Bishop Young was a confidant of Upjohn, and he advocated the construction of Carpenter Gothic style churches around Florida.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church is distinguished by a steep roof, scissor trusses, pointed arch windows and doors, and decorative stained glass.  The only additions to the church since its construction have been air conditioning, memorials, and a parish hall extension.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, and was designated a Florida Heritage Site in 2013.